A Group Coaching & Mastermind Community For Work-Related Stress, Trauma & Resilience.

 Giving your talents to the world shouldn't bring you to your knees and keep you there.


The Crisis Tamer Club...for High Stress Occupations

Statistics for burnout, work-related trauma and suicide in the workplace are staggering. 

Crisis Tamer Club caters to medical professionals, educators, donation/transplant specialists, mental health providers, First Responders, business owners and others. 

Tame your burnout or trauma. 

It's safe, anonymous & affordable.


Why Join?

People experiencing acute work-related stress or trauma need tools and safe support for resilience building, but often find the costs of traditional one-on-one coaching to be too much. Tame the shame and fear of speaking up from lack of support in the workplace or threat to your job and reputation. Stop the suffering.

How Crisis Tamer Club Works

2 Monthly Facilitated Virtual Calls Specific to Your Industry; Guaranteed Anonymity

Industry specific group calls are designed, facilitated and scheduled to pair individuals in generally similar types of industries or occupations so that coaching discussions are highly relevant and specific. Aside from content and facilitation, participants have the opportunity to share and listen to others discuss what has worked for them and lessons learned. 

To guarantee anonymity, caller video and audio is turned off by default...so no need to worry. Callers have the option for audio &/or video participation...but its up to you. Audio recordings are made of each call for subsequent listening if you have to miss a call. 

Calls are facilitated by Lisa Dinhofer, MA, CT, a Certified Thanatologist specializing in trauma and crisis communication and situational management. Scroll down for more details of Lisa's expertise and background.

Private 1:1 coaching is available for any member who feels they would benefit from intensive work. Fees and scheduling separate from monthly membership.

Content and Posted Questions

Resources and content in the form of articles, books, videos, pdf's and homework assignments will be provided relevant to topics discussed on the call and for self-study. Each question posted during a call will be answered, guaranteed. Discussions will be in-depth, content rich and valuable.

How to Join

Monthly memberships is $42. Join by using the subscribe button below which will send you to Paypal to set up your first and subsequent automatic monthly payments. Then tell me about yourself using the form below. Following payment you'll receive a call schedule and preliminary materials, including a Zoom link to log into your call.  Phone in option is available.  You may cancel at any time.

Meet Lisa Dinhofer, MA, CT The 'Crisis Tamer'


"I work with subject matter and circumstances most people turn away from."

Lisa is a Certified Thanatologist (grief & loss specialist) with a subspecialty in trauma, a trained counselor, trained mediator and an expert in crisis communication. She is the founder and president of Koden Consulting Services, LLC and has over 20 years experience coaching, debriefing, consulting and training a diverse client population within high stress industries and occupations including transplantation, healthcare, mental healthcare and social work, education, Child Protective Service and Foster Care agencies, Prosecutorial and law enforcement, and corporate environments. She has served as an adjunct instructor in the Graduate Thanatology program at Hood College and is a credentialed EAP provider. For more information go to https://www.kodenllc.com/about-lisa-dinhofer.html

Soul Burn....

"I know what it's like to get 'flattened by your passion.' One day I saw a 'Lisa shaped' hole in the wall and knew I couldn't go on like this. I knew if I didn't do something I would lose my hard earned skill set and maybe my livelihood. Work-place stress and trauma does not have to have the final word on your career trajectory or quality of life."

Evidence-Based Practice Modalities

Lisa utilizes peer reviewed research and evidence-based practice modalities in her work with clients in group and one-on-one settings. In addition to her academic training and professional experience, Lisa is trained in Appreciative Inquiry and VIA Character Strengths Development processes.

Private Coaching Available

Private coaching is available for Crisis Tamer Club members who seek bespoke and intensive attention. 

What People Have Said About Lisa

"Having the opportunity to hear and interact with Lisa Dinhofer was a life experience. Just being in her presence, feeling her energy and passion held me captive." Hood College Graduate Student

"Lisa has a layered skill set and deep understanding of working with families" Working with Trauma workshop attendee

"I am confident that the expertise Ms. Dinhofer offered when facilitating that debriefing preserved my skill set as a professional social worker." Debriefing attendee for CPS agency

In the end of the debriefing, not only did the participants leave the session with a heightened awareness...but reinforcement from Ms. Dinhofer about the value of continuing their work."  Debriefing attendee for Social Service agency

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Still have questions? Contact me. Because I facilitate industry specific calls and content, give me an idea what your industry or job title is...educator? healthcare? mental health? transplant? business owner? Something else? No problem! There is a group for you!

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Don't just survive, thrive.

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